The report provides insights and information related to company outstanding customer invoices and payments owed by the customers.

These reports will help the organization in AR process and tracking the collections impacting the cashflow of the organization. The Key elements of this reports are:

Receivables: Receivable amount that has to be received by the customers, this will help to track the invoices and incoming payments.

Aging analysis: Aging Analysis categorizes outstanding customer balances based on their due dates. This helps in identifying overdue invoices and tracking the time since the invoice was generated.

Payments: This Page will allow users to Analyse the payment patterns, providing them information on customers who consistently pay on time and those who have a history of late payments.

DSO: DSO over time will allow you to track your company’s credit and collection process. A lower DSO indicates that the company is collecting payments from customers more quickly, resulting in better cash flow. on the other hand, a higher DSO indicates that customers are taking longer to pay which may impact cash flow in future.

Collection Management: This page will enable users to monitor and manage collection efforts. They can review and identify customers with outstanding balances and take actions appropriately.

This report provides crucial information for maintaining healthy customer relationship, optimizing cash flow, identifying areas for improvement and assessing the efficiency.

First tab ‘Receivables’ on the left it shows the information of Balances (Beginning and Ending), Payments, Invoices for any selected week. On the right it shows the trend on Invoice amount by month also consists of Top 10 payments and Top 10 dues by customers.

Table view of Receivables tab has detailed information of dues and payments by customer.

Aging bucket tab consists of past due information by week and by month.

Table view of Aging bucket tab has detailed information of payment history and current period by customer.

Aging Period tab consists of Top 5 customers aging by project. Aging bucket like current, 1-30 days, 31-60 days,61-90 days and so on.

Table view of Aging period tab has detailed line wise information of Balance and aging by customer in different buckets.

Receivable net change will show top 5 customers on Invoices, payments, past due and a trend on balances (opening and closing).

Table view of Receivable net change tab has detailed line wise information of beginning balance, invoice, payments end balance and average days to pay aging by customer in different buckets.

Payments tab consist of top 5 and bottom customers by payment, dues (current and past).

Table view of Payments tab has detailed information on payments, balances by customer.

DSO summaries consist of Ratios calculated for one, three and 6 months by customer. We have Key KPI’s of Open Balance, Total sales and Average days of payment pending.

Table view of DSO summary consist of top and bottom 10 customer summary by months (1,3,6 months).

This tab consists of Customer wise Sales and DSO Metrics.

Collection Trend tab consist of Collections made per month.

Table view of Collection Trend tab has detailed information open invoices by month.


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